On Saturday, June 13th we kicked off a line of artisan chocolates from Woodstock IL! I'm a huge fan of great chocolate and have been searching for quality, handcrafted bars to complement the array of fine wine, craft brew and artisan spirits that you find at FranksWine.

I scored.

FranksWine will be the sole purveyor of
Ethereal Confections in Delaware... and I'm pretty stoked to be kicking them off!


What I love about working with small companies is that I can say something crazy like "Dani, could your chocolatiers make me a Jeremiah marshmallow frog?"

No questions asked other than "who is Jeremiah?"... to which I reply "people often ask me the origin of our frog logo. "Jeremiah" was inspired by the Three Dog Night classic "Joy to the World"

Jeremiah was a bullfrog
Was a good friend of mine
Never understood a single word he said
But I helped him drink his wine
Yes he always had some mighty fine wine...



Click onto each selection for photo, description and ingredients

Single Origin - Dominican Republic 80%

Single Origin - Ecuador 80%


Single Origin - Belize 80%


Single Origin - Madagascar 80%

Meltaway Bar - Blood Orange & Vanilla Bean

Meltaway Bar - French Vanilla & Salted Almond

Meltaway Bar - Sweet Basil & Cherry Blossom

Inclusion Bar - Espresso + Cherries + Hazelnuts

Inclusion Bar - Scorpion Pepper + Bourbon + Smoked Sea Salt + Caramel Pecans

Inclusion Bar - Macadamia Nuts + Raspberries + Kaffir Lime

Inclusion Bar - Pistachios + Cranberries + Sea Salt

Inclusion Bar - Candied Ginger + Candied Orange Peel + Coriander


Inclusion Bar - Strawberries + Rose Petals + Pink Peppercorns

Inclusion Bar - Blueberries + Cherries + Blackberries

Chocolate Covered Pretzels - 3 oz Bag

Mendiant - Orange, Apricot & Carmelized Hazelnut


Mendiant - Pistachio, Rose Petal & Candied Ginger

Jeremiah Marshmallow Frogs (Individual)

Jeremiah Marshmallow Frogs - Bag of 6



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