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For the sake of argument, I’d like to think that you could boil winemakers down into two different categories - those that sell wine, and those that farm. Some people are born salesman and get into the business of making their own product that they’re passionate about, e.g. wine. Some people are born farmers, they grow grapes and make wine because that’s what they’ve grown up doing, and they’re damn good at it.


Matteo Ellena, the third generation wine maker of the Ellena family, took a hand in the family business in 2009 when they finally crushed their own vintage after 43 years of working with a cooperative. Matteo is a soft spoken, passionate, traditionally minded wine maker. He never sought out to change everything about the family winery and continues to focus on only indigenous Piedmont varietals. He explained to us how he made a custom punch down tool out of old barrel staves specifically to make sure the wine comes into contact with as much natural material as possible during maceration and has learned to repair the large foudres that his family uses because there are too few people in the region that know how to work on the ancient barrels. He seemed a little overwhelmed with our non-stop, semi-frazzled, over the top running around and buoyant exaltations at his wines. But the final two Barolos stopped us in our tracks!

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Ellena 2014 Langhe Nascetta
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A must-try for lovers of textural dry whites. Nascetta is a very rare variety native to the Langhe region, only recently saved from extinction and back on the rise. This particular expression is straw-yellow in color with golden highlights. The nose is fine and elegant with just the right intensity. It exudes complex, lingering scents of wild flowers, herbs, citrus, and exotic fruits. The bouquet suggests acacia honey, sage, and rosemary. There are only 20 acres planted throughout the world. Nascetta is known to get better with age but there is no reason not to drink this right now.

Ellena 2015 Barbera d’Alba
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The 2015 vintage selected from a single vineyard - Paradiso. It is bright, rich ruby in color with intense purplish highlights. The aroma is enveloping, aromatic, and deep with noticeable spices on first impact and raspberry, strawberry, and ripe cherry notes. Finishing with pleasant harmonies of wild flowers. On the palate, it is well structured, fresh, and has a supremely balanced acidity. The tannins are enveloping and the flavors are reminiscent of sour cherries, blackberries, and prunes.

Ellena 2009 Ascheri Barolo

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Barolos are a tricky lot, some are still destined to be cellared for decades, waiting patiently until they have relaxed enough to drink. Some have gone the way of the new world, aging in new oak with less skin maceration, appealing to a larger audience, easier to drink in their youth. None of them are made easily. The Ascheri Barolo seems effortless and we were almost upset at Matteo for not seeming outright pompous about how good this wine is. It grips like a good Barolo should, but without being so dense and drying that you can’t enjoy it as it is right now. Its aromatics are absolutely classic, dried fruits, rose petals, mushrooms, and tar, but they are so delicate and inviting. The wine is seamless, made with all of the traditional touches - 60 days of skin maceration and aged for 30 months in foudre, and just a little modern flair with a few new barriques to help soften the edges during blending. Words can not do this wine justice but it is hard to find a better Barolo that you could justify having around for every single meal.


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