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Clean wine.


I hope you don’t think less of me but the next few paragraphs are 100% plagiarized from the Inkwell Wines website. Actually, pretty much the entire email is. When I read an email from my very witty wine rep - Tom Dean - it sold me. I bought these wines blind based on his word and great palate, glad I did... ‘preciate it, Tom! It isn’t that I am trying to dry-out from a week of excessive drinking, nor is it that I’m having a slow start into 2019... it is because I don’t know if I could’ve said any better myself. Oh, and the wines lived up to Tom’s email... and then some!

Dub music started when Jamaican producers made ‘double’ versions of reggae songs with the vocal track removed for deejays to ‘toast’ new lyrics over. For us, wine is like music with vineyards, varieties, ferments, and barrels as our instruments and the blending bench as our mixing table.

DubStyle Wines are new ‘versions’ from celebrated McLaren Vale vineyards that we pick for fresh textures and flavors before fermenting them wild at Inkwell. For maximum enjoyment, some are blended for new mixes and some we keep separate to showcase site and variety.



FranksWine is now proudly offering two DubStyle wines from the Inkwell Wines project out of South Australia. I know that Aussie wines aren’t on fire as much as they used to be, but you know what is blowing up right now?

Minimal intervention wines, aka “Natural Wines”.

While the natural wine movement has been mentioned and discussed at a great length across every platform I can think of, it is incredibly hard to define as the term “natural wine” holds no legal set of classifications. However, anyone that has a man-bun-beard combo, that rolls his own cigarettes, and quotes Hall and Oates instead of singing the lyric can tell you all about how natural wines are fantastic as they’re a truer representative of how wines used to be before Parker... remember him?


That’s not him.

I personally have always invested more of what I like or how it tastes, rather than what is trendy or how it is rated. Don’t get me wrong - I love wine ratings, they are helpful for people that are trying to get into wine and can act as a silent salesman in some cases (which saves me a lot of work). However, if I am going to drink something for enjoyment it really simply needs to taste good. End of story. Wine that tastes good is good, it doesn’t matter to me what the grams per litre of sugar is, nor parts per million of sulfites, or if it is vegan, gluten free, peta friendly, hypoallergenic, gets good gas mileage, or anything else.

The DubStyle wines are good, sound, correct wines, that present a tremendous value and happen to be - lucky enough for me - really en vogue right now!


Yes, that’s Madonna doing her Vogue moves.

The two DubStyle wines we brought in are fresh, pure examples of their area - McLaren Vale, Australia - as well as having no intervention chemically or by any machine harvesting. There are no added sulfites, the wines are vegan, and they are totally free of winemaking tricks of the trade like roto-fermenters and spinning-cone... These wines are good and, as much as alcohol can be, good for you, too.


Our very witty wine rep Tom Dean will be here on North Union Street THIS Saturday, to taste lineup from 12 PM - 4 PM! The FranksWine Crew will have the same lineup open all day Sunday ... join us, and enjoy 15% Off all Natural, Organic, Vegan, Low Sulfite, Sustainable, and Biodynamic Wines all weekend! If you’re a hipster and sporting a
man-bun and beard we’ll hook you up
with 20% Off!

Can’t make it to the shop? You can order online HERE!

FranksWine DubStyle 12-pack Sampler!
You get 6 Bottles of Each Wine for Only $129.99!!
That’s 32% Off... You Save $61.89!!!
Order Now!

DubStyle 2017 PF Shiraz
Regularly Priced at $16.99
$11.59 with 12-pack Sampler Purchase!


DubStyle 2017 PF - Preservative Free - Shiraz was sustainably grown, hand picked, wild fermented and bottled without any additions as fresh as possible to create this vibrant “joven” style Shiraz with just 13.4% alcohol. Perfect for lunch or after work drinks. Or, enjoy chilled on a hot afternoon.

No Sulfites added.
Totally Vegan.

Exuberant fresh blue and black fruit leap out of the glass on the nose. Fresh ripe plum and blackberries explode on the palate with an undertone of seriousness - licorice and fine chocolate play across a bass note of Asian spice in this youthful and easy to drink wine.

The absence of preservatives is perfect for those allergic to sulfites... or for those who say “red wines gives me a headache”. Doctor Frank says GIVE IT A SHOT!

DubStyle 2017 Red Mix Number 1
Regularly Priced at $14.99
$10.19 with 12-pack Sampler Purchase!


If you like your wine with lots of bass and a phat beat, then look no further than DubStyle’s 2017 Red Mix Number 1. Inkwell Wines are getting their inner DJ on with these mixes of diverse McLaren Vale fruits.

Rich, dark and inky, this equal blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz with the same story: none of the bad stuff added and no fancy tricks, yet somehow remains a fun and thrilling wine to drink no matter how many times a week you do hot yogalates and sip on a soy-decaf-short-fortissimo while stirring your homemade kombucha...(hipsters are easy to make fun of). The blend is bright and vibrant with a strong backbone. Super quaffable, you’ll be drinking this til the sun comes up.

Pour yourself a glass and turn the volume way up - the drop is coming for you, and you’d better be ready.

FranksWine DubStyle 12-pack Sampler!
You get 6 Bottles of Each Wine for Only $129.99!!
That’s 32% Off... You Save $61.89!!!
Order Now!















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