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In early December Colleen and I were asked by Alex and Rudina of Universal Beverage Imports to join them and a few others for a wine trip to South America. Once I realized it was Summer time on the other side of the equator we immediately penned our calendars. The SA302Crew headed to Chile on February 16th with snow on the ground at JFK... sweet!

After landing in Santiago we hopped a short flight over the Andes to Mendoza; we would then circle back to Chile on the last 2 days of our trip (but that’s going to be another email!)

Our first stop was Don Manuel Villafañe in Maipu Valley. In my 33 years in the business and hundreds of winery visits I’ve never been in a wine region
during harvest. February 18th was the 1st day of harvest and Alex, Rudina, Eric, Alan, Kathy, Colleen and I were all put to work!


We were asked to each fill 2 bins of Chardonnay grapes... 40 minutes later I finished my first bin. The average winery worker fills 60 bins during their work day! I’ll stick to popping corks. We were rewarded with tank samples of 2017 Malbec - an absolutely incredible vintage for the region.

I’ll come back to Don Manuel Villafañe in a few months when the wines I ordered arrive in the USA. But I’ll let you in on what’s to come... I worked with winery owner Tomas Machado on a FranksWine blend of reserve wines which will only be available here on North Union Street!


After hours of going back and forth I confidently put together a beautiful blend of the 2018 Reserve wines consisting of 45% Cabernet Sauvignon, 30% Malbec, 20% Petit Verdot and 5% Cabernet Franc. I know you’re going to love it... only 50 cases available!

It’ll be $24.99 per bottle... $249.99 per case of 12.
Reserve yours today because it’ll be gone before you know it!
Order Now!


We’re also in the works of planning a CUSTOMER TRIP so YOU can experience exactly what we did because every wine-loving person should be a part of this wonderful wine making business! Stay tuned for that... and tentatively pencil your calendars in February 2020.

So let’s jump ahead to Day 2


After a late night asada with Alejandro who runs his amazing 8 room La Masia Hotel Boutique in Lujan de Coyo, Mendoza we headed out to our second winery visit which was about 15 minutes away in town:
Bodega y Viñedos Dos Familias.

There we met up with owner Milo Colombi, his son Joséand brother-in-law Carlos Bravo. This could possibly be the coolest winery that I’ve ever been to anywhere on the globe! The main part of the building was a wheat mill 200+ years ago... 15 years ago they perfectly matched up an extension of the original structure and is now a fully functional winery. The outside grounds are relaxed with a picnic atmosphere complete with swinging stools that belly up to the bar tables. It’s the kind of place that you could spend the entire day... and we did!


After a tour of the winery and barrel/tank samples of the 2018’s we gathered outside for lunch... yes, another asida! This trip was definitely not made for vegans. Another really cool spot at the winery is an outdoor bar that’s usually open to the public - La Pulperia (bottom right corner of the pic above shows the SA302Crew with winery hats given to us as a gift!)

At the table José poured us a stellar lineup of lunch wines that we’ll be pouring at the shop this weekend! Alex and Rudina of UBI created a label with José and his family called MILO - named after the his father. I’m so excited to have these wines at the shop!! They’re here now including a few selections that I bought the very last inventories of at a ridiculous price - one of the benefits of visiting wineries! - that I’ve placed in our Xselections: MILO 2015 Reserve Malbec (regularly $19.99 - now only $9.99 when you mix 12 bottles!) and the MILO 2016 Malbec (regularly priced at $16.99 - now only $8.49!) One of the most exciting wines that I tasted and brought back with me is the MILO 2017 Pedro Gimenez... can’t wait to have you taste it!

So this email only touches a small portion of our trip... in the following weeks as inventory arrives from Chile and Argentina I’ll be sharing more pictures and inviting you to the shop to taste with us.

Alex & Rudina along with Colleen and I will be here on North Union Street this SATURDAY from 12 PM - 4 PM pouring this awesome lineup of the MILO wines we brought back! The FranksWine Crew will have the same lineup open all day Sunday ... join us, and enjoy 15% Off all South American Wine all weekend! We’ll have our iPhones out showing you more pics of our trip... well, most of the them anyway;-)

Can’t make it to the shop? You can order online HERE!

FranksWine MILO 10-pack Sampler!
You get 2 Bottles of Each Wine for Only $129.99!!
That’s 21% Off... You Save $33.91!!!
Order Now!

MILO 2015 Reserve Malbec
Regularly Priced at $19.99
$15.79 with 10-pack Sampler Purchase!
(also an Xselection ~ $9.99 by the case)


This was the wine that I fell in love with in Mendoza... well one of them! So much so that I bought every last drop of the 2015 that was available! It has everything and more that you’re looking for in a Malbec: juiciness, great acidity, huge blackberry and blueberry fruit, firm tannins and plush mouthfeel. I love this wine! At first I thought that maybe it was the great experience that I had with Colleen, Alex, Rudina, Eric, Alan and Kathy in such a wonderful place with incredible hospitality... but I tried it here at the shop, and it’s just as delicious! Get it before it’s gone... I brought my case home already:-) By the way it’s 100% Malbec aged in French oak for 12 months... a pretty legit “reserve” which will easily age another 8 years.


MILO 2016 Malbec
Regularly Priced at $16.99
$13.49 with 10-pack Sampler Purchase!
(also an Xselection ~ $8.49 by the case)


This little beauty is just the opposite of the Reserve above... it’s all tank fermented with no oak. All you get is the fresh, bright red berry fruit that screams Mendoza! We served it slightly chilled at lunch and it was perfect... it’ll be your new favorite Summer red! The 2017 will soon be in the market, but the last of the 2016’s are right here on North Union Street. Put it next to your favorite $10 Malbec and I know it’ll blow it away... drink it young and drink it often. José, Carlos and Milo are rockstars when it comes to Malbec!


MILO 2017 Estate Malbec Rosé
Regularly priced at $14.99
$11.89 with 10-pack Sampler Purchase!


Ahhh... can’t begin to tell you how much of this we drank poolside at Alejandro’s place! It’s 100% Malbec all tank fermented and a bit bigger than your typical Provence rosé. I like to call it a red-wine drinker’s rosé. It’s bold with lots of raspberry fruit on the nose which follows right through on the palate. Don’t let the fact that it’s pink let you think that it’s a wimpy wine Pair it up with anything from fresh fish to red meat right off the fire... we did! They didn’t make a 2018 of the rosé so the next time you’ll see this will be next year with the 2019 bottling. I know I’ll be drinking a lot of this in the pool this Summer!

MILO 2017 Estate Pedro Gimenez
Regularly priced at $14.99
$11.89 with 10-pack Sampler Purchase!


If there’s one wine that I’m totally stoked about it’s this 100% Pedro Gimenez... the new PG! If you like Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc or unoaked Chardonnay then I found a new wine for you!! Think fresh-cut limes, ripe pear and granny smith apples. It’s Spring and Summer in a glass... chill ‘er down and kick it back! I think our group of 7 drank 2 cases of this over 4 days in Argentina... yeah, it was that kind of trip;-) I can’t wait to turn you on to this aromatic, bone-dry white... I’m putting some on ice now!

MILO Reserve 2018 Extra Brut
Regularly Priced at $14.99
$11.89 with 10-pack Sampler Purchase!


Yes, you read that right... $14.99. And yes, it’s vintage dated! Where the hell can you find a vintage dated reserve bubbly for under 15 bucks? Please let me know... I need more of them in my life. This one is bottles at the winery and hand-riddled by Carlos every 30 - 40 days. It’s a blend of Pedro Gimenez (which is why I think I love it so much!) with a splash of Torrontes to give it that extra lift of brightness. The mousse is creamy and the stream of bubbles seem to go on for days in the flute... but of course it won’t last any more than a few minutes when it’s so nicely chilled in my hand! This is going to be your NEW Prosecco!! Go try and find a vintage dated Prosecco... you won’t. Go try and find a Prosecco under $25 that tastes this good... you won’t.

FranksWine MILO 10-pack Sampler!
You get 2 Bottles of Each Wine for Only $129.99!!
That’s 21% Off... You Save $33.91!!!
Order Now!

I feel really good about bringing these new finds to you. I hope you enjoy them as much as Colleen, Alex, Rudina, Eric, Kathy, Alan and I did with

















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