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Spain is HOT!


There has been a lot of buzz in the last few years about ‘value’ wine regions as people continue to explore countries and wine regions outside what would traditionally have been considered the norm. Chile, Argentina, Portugal, Hungary, Mexico, Greece, places around the world that have been making wine for a very long time but for some reason are just now started to get a real piece of the pie. I think it’s safe to say that most of us have always been on the lookout for good buys or that one wine that we would be infinitely happy opening every single night that only cost us $10, but with a new generation of budget conscious shoppers entering the market, finding true value in wines has become an integral part what we do here at FranksWine on North Union Street.

None of that is to say that the most highly regarded wine regions of the world don’t have their own value wines, there are ridiculously good Bordeaux for under $20, insane Italian table wines for half as much!, even California and its west coast compatriots have wines that are often overlooked for their neighbors with a cult-like following. But what we have yet to mention, is Spain, a region drowning in remarkably delicious wine that continues to refine the small, traditional wine making regions and bring wines to the table that are what we absolutely consider to be the epitome of value.


Wine is a big deal in Spain! And the regulating body is very particular about who receives credentials. Not every winery has the luxury of utilizing the DO or DOC moniker. From laser focused Txakolina in the Basque region, to the insanely well-built Tempranillos of Ribera del Duero, to the jammy, dense Monastrells of Jumilla, and the salty, oxidized, nutty Sherrys of Jerez, Spain is a tapestry of wines that need to be experienced.

Some of you may have experienced the wines of the Gil family with us before... especially all you Clio and Nido fans! They own over 1,400 hectares in Spain, cutting a line across the country from one corner to another and have put a long history and dedication into some seriously delicious wines. The Gil estate was started 200 years ago by Juan Gil Jimenez who left his job as a stone-cutter to try his hand at something a little more delicate but no less labor intensive, growing grapes. Today, the 4th generation, 9 siblings worth, all have a stake in the winery and even as they continue to grow across Spain, they remain a family run business.

We picked our top 4 reds that we’re going to be sharing with you this weekend, it seems like such a meager offering knowing how many wines the Gil family has created over the years. But they represent four completely different wines from four vastly different parts of the country and will give you an idea of exactly what value in wine should be, and can be, all about. But we still have some of this BEAUTY left in the shop... LIMITED, only 19 bottles!


This is the flagship wine in the Juan Gil portfolio of greatness! 70% Cabernet Sauvignon and 30% Monastrell the El Nido begins with cherry color in the glass. On the nose, prevalent aromas of leather, toasted bred and ripe fruits mixed with a touch of spices. It results in an intense, concentrated and complex, a little bit sophisticated and with resources to meditate on its extraordinary richness of extract and savor.

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Comoloco 2016 Monastrell
Regularly Priced at $14.99
$9.29 with 12-pack Sampler Case!


100% Monastrell from Jumilla in South Eastern Spain, made by Batolomè Abellàn. The wine is fermented in stainless steel with no additional aging in oak, it is as pure an expression of Monastrell that you could ask for. Dry farmed from vines that are 25-30 years old,Comoloco is smooth and fruit driven with slightly mineral blueberry and raspberry qualities. You’re not going to want to hold on to this for too long, but you wouldn’t have the will power to anyway after you try it.

Laya 2016 Almansa
Regularly Priced at $14.99
$9.29 with 12-pack Sampler Case!


70% Alicante Bouchet & 30% Monastrell from Almansa, immediately north of Jumilla. Alicante Bouchet, or Garnacha Tinorera, is the grape variety of focus for Bodega Atalaya, located a lofty 1,000 meters above sea level. Unlike Comoloco, Laya received four months of aging in French oak which imparts a little more spice and body. The wine is drowning in rich dark fruits and delicate tannins that make this red immensely easy to drink.

Blau 2016 Monstant
Regularly Priced at $16.99
$10.53 with 12-pack Sampler Case!


50% Carinena, 25% Syrah, and 25% Garnacha from Montsant, in the upper Eastern corner of Spain, surrounding the Priorat region which produces some of the most dense, heavily structured, and sought after wines in the country. Blau also receives four months of aging in French oak. Leaning heavily towards blue fruits and violets in the glass, Blau is a seamless wine on the palette dishing out blackberry and cassis and a touch of smoke all pulled along by a surprising thread of acid.

Entresuelos 2016 Tempranillo
Regularly Priced at $16.99
$10.53 with 12-pack Sampler Case!


100% Tempranillo from Castilla y Leon, the North Western arm of Spain. Entresuelos is the biggest wine of this line up - fermented entirely in stainless steel but aged for an additional 6 months in French oak, Entresuelos is deep black cherry in color and presents an abundance of dark fruit as well as roasted spices, graphite, and espresso. This is certainly a wine that could be described as muscular and will be an obvious choice to reach for when grilling and smoking intensely spiced meats this summer.

FranksWine SPANISH 12-pack Sampler Case!
You get 3 Bottles of Each Wine for Only $119.99!!
You Save $71.89... That’s 38% Off!!!
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